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June 30, 20142 min read

A more effective way to manage your radio fleet


Fleet Management Software- Tait EnableFleetWe’ve got some good news for you! Many radio managers keep track of their terminal fleet using spreadsheets and other manual systems that are difficult to maintain, lack data integrity, and are labor intensive. All that pain can be left behind by using the new EnableFleet management software.

Tait EnableFleet is an innovative solution that will revolutionize fleet management for mission-critical organizations. It gives communication managers a single point of truth, complete visibility, and the power to configure and manage their radio fleets from a central point of control across DMR and P25 networks.

Learn how it works in this short video:


EnableFleet is part of the Tait Enable suite of products that Tait has developed to help organizations protect, monitor, and report on their networks and fleet more efficiently.  Visit the website to learn more about Tait EnableFleet.

Video Transcription:

Let’s talk. What’s happening with communication management today? In the fast paced, busy world of deployment and fleet updates, keeping track of who is doing what where, and when who is doing what and why, has never been an easy process. It’s confusing. It’s finicky. Communication technicians are surrounded by spreadsheets, information gets lost, and updates go unnoticed. You practically need to be a rocket scientist to manage this complicated system. But there is hope. Let’s talk about Tait EnableFleet.

Tait EnableFleet is an easy to use Configuration Management System that places control of your radio network firmly in the palm of your hand. EnableFleet makes the firmware, licensing and configuration information of every radio in your fleet available to you via an intuitive configurations management interface. This single interface gives you instant visibility and configuration control of every radio asset under your management.

How does this work? When a terminal is plugged into a technician’s laptop, EnableFleet reads the radio and, with the press of one button, applies any required updates to firmware, configuration, or licenses automatically. EnableFleet then stores the results of those updates to create an audit trail that proves the fleet management work has taken place. The records against any asset can include time stamped attachments like photos or signed documents.

EnableFleet has an Over The Air Programming system (OTAP) that synchronizes with the central database, ensuring an up to date picture of the fleet is maintained and available through a web based dashboard for all fleet administrators. Radio fleet management just became a much more efficient and tidy process, with greater control over project timelines. So now, you can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Got a rather large fleet? No problem! If used during deployment, EnableFleet will give you an accurate view of the entire fleet configuration. Regardless of your fleet size, you can have confidence your information will be correct and enjoy simpler management. EnableFleet is user friendly, making deployment a much faster and smoother process.

A REST API system enables seamless integration with your other business systems. So, did you catch all that? Tait Communications is blazing the trail to the future of communications management, eliminating the vast spreadsheets and headaches that have limited fleet management effectiveness in the past. So why not place control of your fleet in the palm of your hand with Tait EnableFleet? It’s reliable. It’s accurate. It’s the future. So hey, let’s talk about it.

Learn more about Tait EnableFleet.


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