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June 10, 20184 min read

Radio fleet management made easy: why organizations are choosing EnableFleet


Radio fleet management is easier and more accessible than ever before with Tait EnableFleet, an industry-leading configuration management system that provides a fast, easy-to-use, secure and controlled way to manage fleet configurations and changes. The cloud-hosted system makes it an affordable, smart choice for organizations large or small.

Using over-the-air-programming (OTAP), EnableFleet is the only system that can deliver firmware updates to a radio over a DMR Tier 3 or P25 trunked system. TM9300 or TM9400 mobiles fitted with Tait Unified Vehicle can receive configuration, license, and firmware updates over WiFi networks, independently of whether these radios operate in analog or digital, conventional or trunked networks.

Users of EnableFleet have found it to be a valuable tool that has improved processes and performance across their organizations.

Tait EnableFleet added value to our business and was a great asset in managing the deployment of new radio configurations. The simplicity in being able to set the configuration for each radio eliminated mistakes in programming and gave us confidence that the deployment was being undertaken efficiently and without error. Not only was the deployment made easier for the installers in not having to manage multiple files in the field, we now have far greater reporting on the state of devices in terms of Hardware, Firmware and Configuration.”

Tony Howard, Solution Specialist, St John New Zealand

Talk to someone at Tait about how EnableFleet can simplify and secure your radio management here.

Efficiency and Visibility

By sending software and firmware upgrades and programming wirelessly, OTAP allows you to update your radio fleet without calling users in from the field or suspending operations to connect their radios via cables. Users can continue going about their tasks, and a scheduled update will commence automatically when the radio is switched on and not in use.

Since EnableFleet delivers real-time, accurate and reliable fleet information, it also makes it easy to quickly identify, support, and solve issues. All information on fleet changes is logged, clearly displaying which user carried out what task, and when. If an upgrade fails, EnableFleet’s ability to capture and store this information aids network support staff in analyzing problems that may have occurred with individual radios.

Even if you choose not to use OTAP, EnableFleet is an effective way to manage your fleet and control programming files. EA Networks, a co-operative network company in New Zealand, finds use of EnableFleet’s audit trails to have had great benefit:

EnableFleet has made it very simple for us to manage our radios and has also simplified the recent update of our network. EnableFleet made it so much easier for me to keep track of where we were at during the upgrade.”

Myles Connew, Operations Manager, EA Networks

Simplicity and Security

Rather than dedicating one person to fleet management, EnableFleet allows organizations to give a range of people access to carry out installations and upgrades and is easy enough to use that you don’t need to be a specialist. Access is secure behind registered accounts, and offers optional additional layers of protection with Tait EnableProtect Advanced System Key.

The real benefit to us with EnableFleet is that I can have either our supplier or Tait make changes to our different radio programs remotely, and we only need someone with a laptop to plug into the radios to implement the changes. For a small company like us where radios are just a tool to help us carry out our core business, having products like this that allow for us not to have a dedicated radio person on the payroll and is a huge saving.”

Myles Connew, Operations Manager, EA Networks

Regardless of which user initiates the update, each one is done securely and consistently across the fleet. The recorded audit trails ensure any change can be traced back to the time and particular user that carried it out.

Versatile value

From public safety and emergency response – like Country Fire Services – to utilities and transportation agencies – like Queensland Rail – users around the world have discovered the value EnableFleet adds to their organization. And since the cloud-hosting capability makes it an affordable tool that even the smallest organization can benefit from, EnableFleet is the smart choice for best-practice fleet management – no matter your industry or size.

“We have just started using Tait EnableFleet and Tait EnableInsight as we convert from MPT-IP to DMR Tier 3 and we are already seeing the advantage of it. It has made the transition thus far much easier. I look forward to after the full upgrade and the other features that we will be able to use at that point.”

Dennis Buchanan, Telecommunications Technician II, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

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Talk to someone at Tait about how EnableFleet can simplify and secure your radio management here.

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