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June 29, 2015< 1 min read

What is a radio wave? | Radio Academy


If the term “Electromagnetic Spectrum” is not familiar to you, the lesson Introduction to Radio Communication Principles: What is a radio wave? has all the information you need to understand radio waves.

The lesson is free to view and walks through everything there is to know about radio waves such as how energy changes waves, their frequency, how their length affects the way in which they are heard and an explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Learn more about the basics of radiowaves by watching the video above and read the accompanying What is a Radio Wave? lesson. You can also take the full Basic Radio Awareness course on the Tait Radio Academy.

Benefits of joining the Radio Academy:

  • Keep track of course progress
  • Gain access to the certification quiz at the end of each course
  • Receive a printable certificate upon completion of the quiz
  • Gain access to a printable, PDF study guide
  • Be notified of all future courses and other educational content
  • Ask and answer questions in the forums.


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