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March 6, 20196 min read

Options for Monitoring and Managing your LMR Network


Who’s watching your LMR network?

Proactive monitoring and management of communications networks are key to maximizing uptime, for the safety and effectiveness of your team.  There is an effective network monitoring and management solution that can be tailored to your organization’s needs.

Tait is introducing a powerful new performance monitoring tool, Tait EnableInsight, that goes well beyond our existing Tait EnableMonitor fault monitoring tool.  This article compares a range of network monitoring and management options available to you.

Every LMR network is different

The business environment, regulations, resource, scale and technology – even the purpose for which it exists – all add up to a communications solution that is unique to each operator.  So it makes sense that how you manage and monitor your network must be unique too.

Some organizations have the resource and skill sets to manage and monitor their own networks, using professional tools and applications in house.  Increasingly however, network operators seek support with some specialized tasks or even a complete outsource arrangement to confidently manage their complex communications environment.

Here you can see what Tait can offer, that will ensure accurate network performance metrics, trends data analysis, and the means to respond to issues and incidents is always at your fingertips.

Flexible and scalable solutions

Over time, migration, integration and changing processes and priorities might mean your communications also needs to change.  Tait offers uniquely flexible and scalable pathways within our monitoring and managing portfolios that allow you to change your options at any time.  In partnership with Tait Professional Services, selecting the tools and services you use and trust today can be adapted to meet your precise requirements in the future.

Tait network solutions are broadly divided into two categories:  Tait Enable Applications for organizations with network monitoring and management capability in-house.  And Tait Managed Services for organizations requiring dedicated, professional 24/7 network monitoring and/or management.

Tait Enable Applications

This suite of scalable, configurable, management tools effectively enhance your Tait network.  They offer web-based, real-time dashboards to monitor and report daily, weekly, or monthly on network usage and performance, and to manage specific aspects of your communications.

You purchase the tools that best serve your needs, and configure them to direct performance data, reports and alerts to selected managers and technical support staff to action.  Guaranteed compatibility with Tait Services means that you can integrate and upgrade your solution at any time.

Tait EnableInsight

Cloud-based, real time network performance monitoring and reporting.
Tait EnableInsight provides industry-leading, real-time transparency of critical system measures and performance metrics, including dashboards for senior management.  Tait EnableInsight has been developed in partnership with Interactive Group, an established provider of network intelligence systems.

Available for Tait DMR Tier 3 and P25 Trunked networks, it monitors and integrates multiple data sources, automated outputs and alerts in real time, as well as providing historic reporting across the radio network.  Cloud-based, Tait EnableInsight is available under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model on a subscription/licence that is easily integrated with Tait Services for professional advice, response and resolution when you require it.

Tait EnableMonitor

Configurable fault detection alerts and reporting.
Installed on a server in your control room, Tait EnableMonitor offers highly-configurable web-based alerts to notify your network support staff of faults and network events and quickly identify and trace them – dramatically reducing their negative impact on the wider communications system.  Available for P25, DMR, and MPT-IP networks.

Tait Managed Services

Increasingly, organizations demand focus on their core business, and no longer have the resource or expertise to monitor or manage their LMR network in-house.  Tait professional network experts operate remotely and locally in key locations around the world, and can undertake as much of this specialized, technical function as you need.

Whether that involves monitoring your network performance, or complete, end-to-end LMR network management and support, ITIL processes and standards are behind everything we do.  ISO 27001-certified information security standards and our own trusted telco-grade management tools deliver real-time, advanced analysis and reporting of issues affecting your service or impacting mission critical business metrics.

Tait Watch

Expert Monitoring 24/7
At the core of Tait Managed Services, Tait technical experts remotely monitor your network from the nearest Tait System Management Center (SMC).  Customized alerting to your support staff or support provider is invaluable if you don’t want to run a 24 x 7 monitoring operation, but have network support in place to resolve issues and incidents.  This service logically partners with Tait Service Advantage, which provides case-by-case response to issues and incidents as they occur.

Tait Manage Infrastructure

Proactive monitoring and management of radio network elements.
Tait takes full operational responsibility for your network, monitoring performance, and managing and resolving network incidents on your behalf.

As well as incident management, customers have the assurance of ITIL-based Problem, Change and Configuration management from radio system experts, co-located and backed by the Tait support and development organization.



‘In partnership with the Tait Services team, selecting the tools and services you use and trust today can be adapted to meet your precise requirements in the future.’



Here are some examples to illustrate how Tait monitoring and management solutions might work for you:

  • A rural power generation and supply utility employs a suite of Tait Enable self-monitoring tools, and its own small team of communications engineers for their network.  As these experts approach retirement, the business intends to upgrade to Tait Watch service, to receive an equivalent level of monitoring, from Tait engineers.
  • A large national Public Safety agency committed to a non-Tait third-party SNMP application to monitor their Tait-supplied base stations and third-party IP devices (linking equipment, routers, and servers).  They also partnered with the Tait Professional Services team who advised on, and set up monitoring functions for their critical network elements, via “MIB ” (management information base) files for SNMP applications.
  • One of the largest public transport networks on earth is employing Tait to provide a customized suite of Managed Services, to maintain optimum network health and operation.  Cloud-based monitoring and reporting means that both the network operator and Tait monitor the network in real time, identifying issues and collaborating on solutions before they can impact on this vital city infrastructure.
  • A busy regional airport in the heart of a bustling tourist region links to 50 national, and 29 international destinations, serviced by 34 different airlines.  With a new Tait DMR Tier 3 network installed to manage vital voice and data communications, the airport corporation has contracted Tait to monitor their network 24/7 from the Tait Service Management Centre, and to provide full network support with fault restoration.

Which solution is right for your network?

These questions will help you to identify your network monitoring and managing requirements.

  • What is the consequence of a network outage?
  • How important is your radio network to your business outcomes?
  • Do you have resource to manage your network?
  • Who is monitoring your network now?
  • Who is managing your network now?
  • What are your internal network KPIs?
  • What performance information do you require?
  • What level of reliability do you require?
  • How often do you check network performance?
  • Who will respond if an issue is identified?

Why Tait?

With more than 50 years’ industry experience in delivering critical communications to exacting customers around the world, Tait Global Services provides customers with solutions at every stage of their network life cycle.

Tait flexible, responsive services support our own radio portfolio and infrastructure solutions, as well as the best-in-class offerings of our strategic partners.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so we listen carefully to your needs, and respond with innovative solutions that will guarantee your satisfaction and exceed your expectations – for the life of your network.

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