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October 9, 20191 min read

What is the Future of LTE? Tait Radio Academy


One of the biggest movers and shakers in the Unified Critical Communications space is LTE. The broadband data capabilities could change the game, but will LTE ever replace LMR? Can First Responders rely on LTE to support their communications during emergencies or major events? Who is guiding the development of LTE? What’s the difference between Public and Private LTE?

All these questions and more answered in this lesson: What is the Future of LTE?

The LTE standards suite, which is setting the direction for future critical communications, is the work of a consortium of seven standards organizations called the 3GPP or third generation partnership program.

The consortium includes ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, which is one of the largest standards bodies in the world. Since the end of the 90s, when the 3GPP consortium was formed, it has developed open standards for succession of LTE releases, guided by technical specifications set by ITU, the International Telecommunications Union for mobile cellular communications.

The evolution of mobile phone systems can be pictured in terms of generations:

0G – ‘Luggable’ briefcase mobile radio telephones (does anyone remember these?)

1G – Analog cellular phones

2G – Digital cellular phones

3G – High-speed digital cellular phones (including video comms)

4G – IP-based “anytime, anywhere” voice, data, and multimedia mobile comms at data rates that exceed 3G

5G – The Future. Still faster data rates, ultra-low latency, better mobility, more connections, and lower power consumption than 4G.

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