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December 10, 20192 min read

The Most Flexible Base Stations on the Market


Multi-mode base stations provide a flexible platform for communications in DMR, P25, MPT, or conventional analog networks.  The Tait TB7300 and TB9400 are software flexible, rugged base stations that are intelligent building blocks in an end-to-end solution, which includes base stations, terminals, and Tait management software and applications.

The TB7300 provides multi-mode capability in a slim form factor and is also available as a transportable repeater.  The Tait TB9400 provides the additional capabilities of Linear Simulcast Modulation for enhanced coverage, and P25 Phase 2 Trunking for efficient use of precious spectrum.  Both the TB7300 and TB9400 can function in conventional analog, analog simulcast IP, MPT-IP, P25 or DMR networks.  Simulcast, conventional and trunked modes are available when operating in P25 and DMR.

TB7300 Base Station


TB9400 Base Station


TB7300 Transportable Base Station

Multi-mode Flexibility

Multi-mode capability delivers simple and cost effective migration options that you can take advantage of throughout the life of your investment.  The entire Tait range is designed to ensure smooth and seamless migration is available from your existing radio solution, at your own pace, whilst providing uninterrupted communications every step of the way.

Open Standards and Interoperability

Tait is committed to open-standards to give our customers the freedom to choose the mix of vendor’s equipment that delivers the best solution for their needs.  Tait portables have been certified to work on many networks around the world, and our open-standards and multi-vendor compatibility give you choice. It also ensures you have genuine interoperability across your network, allowing you to communicate with multiple agencies and adjacent networks with ease and confidence.

Leading RF Performance

We provide solutions that get critical calls through when they’re needed most.  Tait base stations have industry leading RF performance that means you can make and hear calls in more places.  Environment Canterbury chose Tait base stations for this superior RF performance and receiver selectivity.  They now have better audio, better coverage, and less interference. The Tait Services team can design and tailor your bespoke critical communications solution to provide an optimized experience.

Future Proof Your Investment

Mission critical communication systems are often used for ten years or more.  With long-term investments it is important to choose future-ready solutions that can stand the test of time and won’t require replacing sooner than they should.

Imagine your organization purchased an Analog Simulcast over IP system today, but then decided to migrate to P25 after a couple years.  With some suppliers, you would need to replace everything.  But with Tait, we offer future proofed investments, because our 9400 series products have an easy migration path.

“We wanted something that we could expand on in the future.  We didn’t want to spend money and not be able to expand on that.  You know, we’re using taxpayer money.  We want to make sure we do the best we can with that money.”
–  Chief Eric Turner, Madison County Fire

Industry Leading Flexibility and Performance

Our TB7300 and TB9400 dual mode base stations provide a simpler and more flexible communications system. Offering straightforward and cost-effective migration options, these base stations are game-changers for making the most of your investment.


Now that you’ve future-proofed your investment, how do you go about upgrading your communications network? Learn about the migration process and how to successfully plan for a move to trunked DMR in this whitepaper.


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