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January 19, 20222 min read

Highly Flexible Tait Base Stations Gain New Capabilities


Tait base stations have long provided industry leading flexibility and performance. Like all Tait offerings, the TB7300 and TB9400 base stations benefit from ongoing development that our customers can take advantage of. The latest enhancements for these multimode network products include a configurable Power Save mode, and an expanded VHF frequency band..

Expanded capabilities for Tait base stations

TB7300 Power Save Mode

The TB7300 is a powerful, compact, multimode base station that can be programmed to operate in analog, P25 Phase 1, or DMR modes, trunked or conventional, and supports simulcast operation in these modes. It is also available as a transportable repeater.

The new configurable Power Save mode cuts standby power consumption on the TB7300 to less than 6W on VHF and less than 7W on UHF. Now these base stations will cost less to run, can last longer on battery backup power, and are more efficient for remote sites reliant on solar or other alternative energies.

TB9400 Expanded VHF Band

The TB9400 Base Station offers the most flexibility and capability. Like the TB7300 it can also be programmed to operate in analog, P25 Phase 1, or DMR modes, trunked or conventional. It also, however, provides the additional capabilities of Linear Simulcast Modulation for enhanced coverage, and P25 Phase 2 Trunking for efficient use of precious spectrum.

The TB9400 now has a wider VHF switching range from 136-174MHz, compared to other base station hardware that is limited to either 136-148MHz or 148-174MHz. This simplifies the TB9400 hardware platform, network design, quoting, ordering and manufacturing processes as well as documentation, spares and support.

Industry Leading Flexibility and Performance

Multimode Flexibility and Migration Options 

Tait solutions are designed to maximize your investment with platforms that are made to evolve, able to add capability as your needs change over time, and as your budget allows. Together with Tait Services, network migration can be smooth with minimal interruption to your critical communications.

Customize and Control your Network with TaskBuilder

The TaskBuilder software feature gives you even more control to customize your base stations to operate just the way you need them t0o. TaskBuilder is a powerful in-built processing engine that adds intelligence and enhances flexibility and configurability for TB7300, TB9400 and TB9300 base stations in your network.

The TaskBuilder software can be used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Base station response to internal and external stimuli, and change its operational behavior as a result
  • Control channel changes
  • Alarm response
  • Transmission sense
  • Response to digital inputs
  • Activate digital outputs
  • Logging events generated and received, state changes, and actions executed

Leading RF Performance, Coverage Design, and Reliability

We provide solutions that get critical calls through when they’re needed most. Tait base stations have industry leading RF performance that means you can make and hear calls in more places. Environment Canterbury chose Tait base stations for this superior RF performance and receiver selectivity. They now have better audio, better coverage, and less interference.

The Tait Services team can work with you to design your network and coverage to optimize your critical communications experience. Together with the highly reliable equipment that Tait is known for, there are many other measures that can be taken to protect and strengthen your system, including monitoring and management solutions.


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