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May 24, 20204 min read

Create Custom Apps with Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilder


At Tait, we know that no two organizations are the same, and that there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” communications solution. Because each organization has their own unique set of requirements for connectivity and functionality, we build all our products and solutions with flexibility at their core. 

More Than a Radio: A Mobile Applications Platform

Tait Unified Vehicle is a multi-bearer communications hub, offering a high level of connectivity, with access to LMR, cellular and WiFi. In addition to this, Tait Unified Vehicle houses a powerful industrial-grade processor and Application Builder. Powered by Node-RED, the AppBuilder is designed to easily program and control Tait Unified Vehicle functions and interaction with the range of devices, networks and applications you have available. 

Tait Unified Vehicle also offers several safety and efficiency applications that don’t require AppBuilder to operate, including the Remote App, Tait GeoFencing, on-board voice recording, and Over-The-Air-Programming (OTAP) via WiFi or Cellular networks. 

Build Custom Applications to Fit Your Needs

To get the most value from your voice and data communications you can use Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilder to create completely new applications or services tailored to your individual requirements. You can build your own custom applications to operate just the way you need to, or ask Tait to develop an application for you.

To build your own applications, AppBuilder offers you two distinct interfaces: the advanced ‘Flow’ interface, or the simplified ‘Behavior’ interface. Apps created in either of these two interfaces are able to run side-by-side, and once you have created them, they can be downloaded, uploaded, and used on any other Tait Unified Vehicle platforms on your network. You can also update or roll out new applications via OTAP with Tait EnableFleet when the runtime license is installed in your fleet.

Curious to find out how Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilder can add value to your operations? Below are some examples of how custom AppBuilder applications can help to reduce risks and hazards or improve efficiency for organizations.

Custom Weather Alerts to Improve Worker Safety

Custom Weather AlertIn some industries, being aware of the weather conditions is vital to operations and the safety of staff. Being able to alert workers out in the field to dangerous weather conditions allows them to move to safer areas. Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilder gives you the power to broadcast alerts from online weather services.

With AppBuilder, you can create a custom weather alert:  RSS feeds from weather services are used to warn of hazards, showing alerts on the radio display and triggering visual and audible alarms. As the edge device, the Tait Unified Vehicle Radio makes a decision based on wind speed forecasts to advise a crane operator to cease work.

Event Detection Options to Stay Safe and Secure

Awareness of any changes in the status of assets can be essential for the security of your facilities or the safety of your workers. Tait AppBuilder can help you monitor your assets and facilities, log events and trigger alarms based on behaviors that you define.

You can connect assets such as doors or intruder sensors to a Tait Unified Vehicle unit, and create an Appbuilder Behavior that sends an alert to other radios on the network whenever a state change in the door or intruder sensor is detected by the Tait Unified Vehicle unit.

Electronic Signage Control for Increased Efficiency

Electronic Signage ControlWhen working in demanding industries, you know that situations can change at the drop of a hat, and when they do, a quick response is vital to ensure the safety of your people and efficiency of operations. AppBuilder allows you to manage and update electronic signage, such as on buses, on mining or construction sites, or on the roadside.

With AppBuilder, you can build an application that enables a Tait Unified Vehicle unit to forward information you want to display to a recipient device, such as a digital billboard or LED signage screen. You can also program a function key on your Tait portable radio to send prewritten messages via the Tait Unified Vehicle unit to recipient devices, such as road signs.

Build your Own Individualized Product

The above applications are just some examples of what AppBuilder can be made to do to improve worker safety, increase security or enhance efficiency for your organization. Other examples include:

  • MQTT Integration for Internet of Things connectivity
  • Web forms and Database Activities to use web browser-based forms to enter and transfer data over a radio or cellular network
  • Task Dispatching to enable sent/acknowledged confirmation for LMR text and status messages
  • Store and forward data collection allows storage of connectivity data while Tait Unified Vehicle is out of cellular/WiFi coverage
  • Vehicle Blackbox to store time-stamped information such as location and speed for post-event auditing

And it doesn’t end there! AppBuilder is also used for Alarm Handling, Device Control, Serial Port integration, Geo-location, and Geo-fencing applications. The flexible AppBuilder platform allows you to customize Tait Unified Vehicle – and other devices and networks that are connected to it – to operate in ways unique to your organization’s challenges and requirements, giving you an individualized product, without the need for any hardware modifications.

Tait Unified Vehicle AppBuilderClick here to learn more about how AppBuilder’s custom applications can benefit your organization, or ask Tait to develop an application for you.


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