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September 14, 20202 min read

Wireless Broadband with Tait Private LTE [Video]


Does your organization require broadband connectivity for operations? Do commercial cellular carriers pose a coverage or capacity problem? With Tait Private LTE solutions, you can have total control over an exclusive wireless broadband network, with guaranteed coverage of your operational area, even if it’s beyond the reach of public networks.

Data-heavy and bandwidth-intensive applications have become necessary to integrate machines, sensors, people, and vehicles in many industries. These applications require reliable broadband communications networks wherever and whenever they operate.

Currently, many businesses rely on WiFi for business-driven broadband communications, but its limitations in terms of capacity, coverage, and security raise many challenges.

Wireless Broadband Solutions for your Organization

LTE provides a better, more reliable wireless network for mission critical applications. Unlike commercial LTE networks – which are designed for mass use – Private LTE is an independent cellular network purpose-built for your organization’s specific communications and coverage requirements.

Tait Private LTE offers organizations full control of data traffic and applications, and allows your organization to integrate machines, sensors, people, and vehicles securely and reliably with performance to meet the requirements of almost any industrial application, including IoT. It can be deployed anywhere, including areas beyond the reach of public networks.

In the video below, Sohan Domingo, Lead Solutions Strategist at Tait Communications speaks with Gert Jan Wolf about Tait Private LTE in more detail, including a demonstration of our deployable Private LTE solution (from 4:42).

With highly customizable Tait Private LTE solutions, users have total control over an exclusive wireless broadband network with guaranteed coverage of your operational area.

Benefits of a Private LTE Network

The main benefits of deploying a private LTE network are:

  • Coverage: Guarantee coverage at your facility or location by installing your own private network. This is crucial when your location is outside the reach of public networks, or for better indoor and campus coverage.
  • Capacity: By not having to contend with other network users, your organization can make full and exclusive use of available capacity. You can configure your network according to your specific demands – for example, to support HD video streaming and security applications.
  • Control: Private operators can determine which users connect, how resources are utilized and how traffic is prioritized. This gives you full control over your organization’s security to ensure that sensitive information doesn’t leave the premises.
  • High-Performance Applications: Low latency and continuous connection to support demanding, high-performance applications such as autonomous vehicle navigation.

Why Tait Private LTE Solutions?

Tait delivers thoroughly tested and robust Private LTE solutions. Partnering with industry leaders like Nokia, BlackNed, and AirSpan we provide customizable, flexible and scalable wireless network solutions for critical, business-critical and non-critical connectivity.

Tait is a leader in the development of LMR standards, and our world-class device strategy support with professional and managed services provide a one-stop shop for organizations that require a Private LTE solution.

With over 50 years of critical industry experience, Tait and our partners have the expertise and proven track record to deliver critical communications solutions to the most exacting customers throughout the world.

Tait Private LTE SolutionsLearn more about Tait Private LTE Solutions

Want to find out what Tait Private LTE can do for your industry? Check out our website or send us a message.



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