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October 21, 20203 min read

White Paper: Removing the Barriers to Public Safety Cloud Innovation


Public Safety technology is a complex and ever-changing ecosystem. Cloud-based infrastructure and applications are delivering innovation but still aren’t trusted as much as the more familiar and proven on-premises systems. However, cloud resources available today have overcome many concerns over reliability and security so you don’t have to miss out on new capabilities, improved performance and lower cost solutions.

Communications for Emergency Services OrganisationsEven though cloud computing is becoming more and more prevalent in modern life, many Public Safety organizations are yet to embrace cloud-hosted technologies, due to concerns over security, control and reliability – even when there’s evidence that new solutions would better meet current needs.

There’s often the tendency to avoid change, triggered by uncertainty over security issues and organizations giving up control over their network.

This white paper published by iCERT compares on-premises public safety systems and remote-hosted or cloud-based systems, and discusses the many benefits cloud-based solutions can offer Public Safety organizations.

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iCERT – the Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies

Tait is a member of iCERT (Industry Council for Emergency Response Technology), a supplier collective dedicated to improving public safety through innovation.

Tait is a member of iCERT

iCERT is a leader in the public safety industry’s efforts to promote growth and investment by facilitating industry collaboration, advancing effective public policies, and developing best practices. They also publish thought leadership materials to offer Public Safety organizations the information they need to make informed decisions about industry-specific technologies.

Comparing On-Premises Systems with Cloud-Based Systems

The paper compares local on-premises public safety systems and remote-hosted or cloud-based systems, based on two criteria: reliability and security. Reliability and security are crucial to public safety agencies, regardless if the solution is cloud-based, a remotely hosted solution, or on-premises based.

Findings include that even though on-premises remains the most used option, cloud-based solutions can offer quicker deployment, easier continuous improvement, and better scalability, reliability, security, and use of limited technology funds for public safety.

Cloud Services: Revolutionizing Public Safety Communications Systems

Even though tight budgets and resistance to change has not seen a cloud-based revolution, the introduction of cloud services has radically changed the landscape of Public Safety technologies. And with many suppliers increasingly moving towards cloud-based software solutions to support future IoT platforms, this change is most likely set to continue.

However, the skills and tools needed to upgrade and manage critical communications networks can be a major distraction for many public safety agencies. If this is the case, Tait Managed Services can help: our trained and experienced professionals can provide specialist skills and tools to look after your mission critical network for you, so you and your team can focus on protecting lives and property.

Tait Services are ISO27001 certified for Information Security Management, so you can trust your interests are protected.

Tait Cloud Software Applications

Tait currently offers a range of cloud software applications, with more to follow in the future:

  • Tait TeamPTT: Enables integration between LMR, WiFi and cellular networks and devices
  • Tait EnableFleet: An industry-leading configuration management system
  • Tait EnableInsight: An industry-leading performance management system
  • Tait PTToX: Enables integration between LMR, WiFi and cellular networks and devices
  • Tait Private LTE: These networks can utilize a cloud-based EPC (Evolved Packet Core).

Through the Tait Partner Program we also integrate with a range of cloud products such as Anyline, an innovative mobile text recognition application that uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

To find out more about what these or any other Tait solutions can do for your organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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