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November 18, 20203 min read

New Remote Speaker Microphone Options


Different jobs require different audio accessories to work optimally. At Tait, we build accessories that enhance the usability and functionality of your radio to make communications more effective and keep workers safe. We’re happy to introduce a pair of new rugged Remote Speaker Microphones (RSM). These new RSMs meet the needs of a wide range of professional users by providing reliable and high quality audio performance in challenging environments.

At Tait, we’re all about tough, high quality products. We build and design our products and accessories to meet the exacting standards of critical communications, so you can be sure that your people have the right tools to do their job safely and efficiently in any situation.

We have a wide range of accessories available to suit all your critical communications needs, and are proud to announce the addition of the new TSM3 and TSM3e Remote Speaker Microphones.

Introducing the New TSM3 and TSM3e Remote Speaker Microphones

The TSM3 and TSM3e are specifically engineered and built for critical communications, and form the perfect accompaniment for your Tait portable radio in challenging environments.

These new accessories are designed for use with the Tait TP3, TP9300, TP9400, TP9500 and TP9600 portable radios, and are analog and digital compatible.

Built Tait Tough

RSM users that work in demanding environments need equipment that is reliable, resilient, and downright tough, from start to finish.

Built Tait Tough, the TSM3 and TSM3e are rugged and weatherproof – IP67 rated for protection against water and dust – and they feature the distinct Tait water-shedding grille for further protection and reliability in wet conditions.

Easy to Use

RSM features are useless if you can’t access them easily, so we fitted the TSM3 and TSM3e with a 360 degree rotating clip – enabling you to wear it where you need it, in the way you choose.

They also feature a large, easily accessible PTT button and a programmable emergency key: assigning specific functionality to this key can significantly improve usability – important features can be made instantly accessible so they are used more often, allowing you to work more efficiently.

The TSM3 and TSM3e also feature a 3.5mm audio connector jack for ear pieces, so you can add a headset to hear better amid loud noises or discreetly receive calls of a sensitive nature. To make sure your voice is captured, they feature omnidirectional mics.

Differences between TSM3 and TSM3e

The differences between the TSM3 and TSM3e can be found in the speakers and cables of the devices. Where the TSM3 features a 4mm cable, the TSM3e sports a thicker, longer heavy duty 5mm cable to provide workers in tough environments with the ruggedness they need.

Another difference is that the TSM3e features a powerful 2W speaker as opposed to the TSM3’s 1W speaker to enable users that work in harsh and high-noise environments – where the ability to hear communications is essential – even louder audio.

Check Out the Full Range of Tait accessories

Tait Options & Accessories CatalogChoosing accessories that complement your radio equipment and match your working conditions enhances the audio quality in any environment. Optimizing audio performance with accessories enables you to hear calls first-time and be heard by others during both normal operations and emergencies, keeping you safe and connected out in the field.

All Tait accessories are specifically engineered and built for critical communications, and because Tait portable radios share a common accessory connector, you can be sure that audio accessories are compatible between models. Take a look at the full range of Tait accessories in our accessories catalog.

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