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November 23, 20202 min read

Mobile Dispatch with Zetron and Tait Unified Vehicle


Thanks to advances in technology, organizations which depend on critical communications have greater access to data and communications in more places than ever before, and leading technology companies like Tait and Zetron are taking advantage of this by joining forces to deliver unified critical communications solutions.

Take Your Dispatch Console Wherever You Go

Historically, dispatch consoles were restricted to Public Safety and Utility dispatch centers, but technology partners Tait and Zetron are changing that through their mutual commitment to a broad range of technologies and open standards-based radio interfaces.

This collaboration has resulted in a unique solution that combines the mobile radio and broadband connectivity of Tait Unified Vehicle with the Zetron ACOM Command & Control dispatch solution’s remote operation capabilities. By integrating these solutions, Tait and Zetron are making it easier for organizations to quickly set up consoles in different locations whenever necessary.

Combining Tait Unified Vehicle and Zetron ACOM

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The Zetron ACOM dispatch solution allows users to deploy a laptop or tablet with just a USB headset to set up remote, temporary, back-up, mobile and training positions quickly and securely. Unlike other console solutions that are limited to just a few channels, ACOM has no channel limit, providing you with a mobile console system with full capabilities.

To operate ACOM, you need internet access, and the broadband connectivity required is provided by Tait Unified Vehicle with a powerful antenna that can transmit and receive high speed data. To allow a tablet or laptop with the ACOM software access to these networks, Tait Unified Vehicle creates a mobile Wi-Fi network, giving you the ability to connect your devices to the internet.

Connect to ACOM through Tait Unified Vehicle

Tait Unified Vehicle also provides LMR connectivity so dispatchers can communicate through the radio network, or through broadband Push-To-Talk services. This means that if for any reason LTE service is lost, you still have the reliable coverage from analog, P25 or DMR networks as a back up. 

Three Use Cases

During large-scale emergency events, remote stations might need to be set up to get first responders closer to the scene. Similarly, it enables Utilities crews that respond to events such as hurricanes to set up a console to help keep everyone connected.

Another potential use case takes place in the actual control room. Suppose you lose internet connectivity from your normal provider – the console could then stay connected through a Tait Unified Vehicle unit providing LTE connectivity. Most organizations have multiple mobile radios in their control room, so converting those radios to Tait Unified Vehicle units offers an extra layer of protection and back-up connectivity.

Lastly, suppose a manager or field worker needs to access the ACOM console for any reason. Instead of driving to the control room, they can simply access it through their tablet or laptop whenever and wherever they are with Tait Unified Vehicle providing the broadband connectivity for internet access.

Talk to Tait about Unifying your Critical Communications

For an integrated and unified approach to consoles and communication, try bringing the Tait Unified Vehicle and Zetron ACOM Command & Control dispatch solution together. More connectivity in more places means a safer, more productive workforce. Talk with Tait today about how we can help unify your critical communications.

Dispatch ConsoleLooking for a Dispatch Solution?

Together with our technology partners, Tait offers complete, end-to-end dispatch solutions with flexibility and freedom of choice.

Check out our Dispatch Solutions webpage for more information.


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