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February 15, 20212 min read

Control and Customize your Base Stations


Do your base stations operate the way you need them to right out of the box? With TaskBuilder, you can control, customize, and enhance base station operations by creating rules that extend the functionality of your base stations. Rules can control channel changes, digital outputs, timers, and alarms, based on events and external signals, and much more.

Tait Base Stations that support TaskBuilder

TaskBuilder is a powerful in-built processing engine that adds intelligence to each base station, enhancing its flexibility and configurability. Available across the Tait base station range TB7300, TB9300 and TB9400, TaskBuilder is part of the firmware running on the reciter’s digital board. 

A Powerful New Way To Control And Customize Your Base Station

TaskBuilder monitors and responds to various inputs or operating parameters. If one of them changes, TaskBuilder reacts by taking a predetermined action and changes the way the base station operates accordingly.

For example, TaskBuilder can respond by changing the channel, setting the digital output, or disabling a configured function. The action TaskBuilder takes (if any), depends on the rules implemented by you or Tait engineers.

Achieve more with TaskBuilder

TaskBuilder programming is easy to learn and can be understood by non-expert engineers, making it possible for you to build personalized functions into your base station. You can create and test your own rules with TaskBuilder or engage Tait to produce them for you. 

Aside from TaskBuilder, you can ask Tait to develop a broader custom solution for you so your base station operates just the way you need it to. Here are some examples of what TaskBuilder can do:

  • Provide the means for the base station to react to internal and external stimuli, and change its operational behavior as a result
  • Control channel changes
  • Respond to alarms 
  • Sense base station transmission 
  • Respond to digital inputs
  • Activate digital outputs
  • Provide a log of events generated and received, state changes, and actions executed 

Maximize your Investment

Tait base stations are fully functional without any TaskBuilder rules. However, some users may require customizations to the way their base stations operate, and having TaskBuilder carry out simple functions such as selecting a channel based upon digital input states, or lock out the transmitter after a defined transmission time can be just what they need.

TaskBuilder is robust to changes in the base station design, and does not overload under any operating circumstances – even while processing many tasks at a time.

Get in touch with a Tait representative in your area to discuss taking advantage of TaskBuilder on your network.

Leading Flexibility and Performance

TaskBuilder on Tait base stations provides you with a customizable critical communications solution and an optimized experience, with minimal effort. With the help of TaskBuilder, you can easily extend the functionality and configurability of Tait base stations, future-proofing your investment to stand the test of time and evolve with your business. 

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