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May 3, 20212 min read

Tait Dealer Braves Extreme Conditions to Deploy Network


First responder organizations rely on robust comms that are available anywhere and anytime to keep the public and their staff safe. To provide emergency dispatchers in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region with reliable coverage across challenging terrain, Tait Dealer All-Comm Technologies successfully implemented a Tait communications system through snowstorms, rain and blizzards.

Based in Revere, north-east Boston, All-Comm provides the full suite of critical communications support – system design, engineering, sales, service, installation, maintenance and repair. Until recently its business had primarily been limited to Massachusetts.

Coverage for New Hampshire’s First Responder Organizations

That changed with an extremely well-executed project to provide and install an 11-site LMR radio system covering 1500 square miles of often-difficult terrain in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. The new network gives coverage to 37 First Responder organizations in 35 towns and cities and, aside from New Hampshire’s State Police system, is the largest LMR radio system in the State.

Lakes Region Fire Chief Jon Goldman recalls that the decision to purchase a new radio network was the district’s largest capital investment, so it was vital to make the right decision and have a clean switchover. Chief Goldman says All-Comm’s proposal for a Tait network was around half the price of rival solutions and All-Comm committed to a much-faster installation and delivery.

The All-Comm Technologies personnel have been committed, and dedicated to this project from the beginning, and have worked in all weather conditions to ensure the success of the project.

– Jon Goldman. Lakes Region Fire Chief, NH, USA

Chief Goldman nominated the All-Comm project for an award – which the company won – the New Hampshire Emergency Dispatchers Association’s 2020 Radio Technologist of the Year.

Tait congratulates All-Comm on a great job, and a well-deserved award

“Where the All-Comm Technologies staff have excelled has been their commitment and dedication to the deployment,” Chief Goldman writes in his nomination. “It is refreshing to see a project entered into with such fresh vision, ideas, and enthusiasm.

“The All-Comm Technologies personnel have been committed, and dedicated to this project from the beginning, and have worked in all weather conditions to ensure the success of the project.”

Four of our 11 sites are not drivable and need to be hiked to; they’re not accessible by machine until very late in the winter when there is adequate snow cover.

Dedicated to Deliver What was Promised

This did not stop All-Comm Technologies. They began staging/hiking equipment to our sites during snowstorms, rain, and blizzards.

“Due to the weather extremes, they often didn’t summit the mountain tops until well after dark, worked for hours to stage and set up the equipment, only hiking down well into the night-time hours,” Chief Goldman says.

“I mentioned to one of the team members, Delvis Javier, why they were on a mountaintop so late in the day? He told me, ‘We work until the job’s done, then we work some more, and will work until next week if that’s what it takes’.”

All-Comm’s commitment to get the job done despite the harsh environment and overall difficulty to just get to some of these locations also earned them a Tait Courage to Act award. Hat’s off to everyone on the All-Comm team!

If you are interested in learning more about the Tait radio system selected by the Lakes District First Responder organisations, or how Tait can help your organization, contact us.


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