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May 5, 20215 min read

Client Stories: Broadband and Convergence


In an increasingly digital world, new technologies and wireless broadband networks are enabling new ways to improve safety and efficiency for organizations. Tait has decades of experience integrating our systems with the latest technology, and we continue to push boundaries and stay on the cutting edge today. Read on to find out how Tait broadband and convergence solutions are helping critical industries stay safe and connected.

It’s a fact that LMR has long proven itself to be the most robust and reliable mission-critical technology for voice communications. However, the modern workforce demands more and more data to use locations services, video and applications – and LMR’s limited data capabilities cannot support this.

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So how do you take advantage of the latest and greatest technology to improve the safety of your workers and enhance the efficiency of operations, whilst retaining your tried-and-tested LMR network for critical voice comms?

Converged voice and data solutions combine the strengths of both technologies to provide the best of both worlds.

Tait focuses on converging diverse technologies like LMR, LTE, Satellite, and WiFi to provide our customers with simple, secure, and flexible solutions to improve safety and efficiency. Want to know how your industry can benefit from Tait Broadband and Convergence solutions? Scroll down to find out how converged solutions from Tait are helping out organizations around the world.

Hilton Haulage: Extend Mobile Radio Coverage to Cellular

Hilton Haulage truckHilton Haulage is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of transport and storage facilities, and their trucks cover a large geographic area. Hilton Haulage operated on an analog network which they could only use in certain areas of the country, which resulted in long periods of radio silence between drivers and dispatch. This impacted logistics coordination, overall situational awareness and was a potential worker safety risk.

In a search for a solution for their communication challenges, Tait Unified Vehicle stood out as being a perfect fit for their requirements. Tait Unified Vehicle is a multi-bearer communications hub, offering a high level of connectivity, with access to LMR, cellular and WiFi, and the ability to switch between these.

Switch between analog and cellular with Tait PTToX
Hilton operated some Tait TM9300 mobile radios already, which allowed Tait Unified Vehicle to be retrofitted to these units, saving the company the cost of buying entirely new equipment. Tait Unified Vehicle allowed Hilton Haulage to keep working on analog simplex channels in their yards, and offered them the ability to switch over to the Tait PTToX service for the wider area communications.

As our business expanded, we needed greater coverage for our communications. With Tait Unified Vehicle, we can now use the cellular network for clear communications through an open channel that covers most of New Zealand.

– Scott Paton, Fleet Maintenance Manager, Hilton Haulage

By using multiple bearers for communications, Tait PTToX enables Tait Unified Vehicle users to expand areas of operations by keeping them connected in more areas. Although this enables communications over numerous bearers including LMR, Hilton Haulage opted for cellular-only coverage to reduce network operational costs, as initial testing proved that the cellular coverage alone was sufficient for their needs.

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Transport for London: Push-To-Talk-over-Cellular

When Tait upgraded TfL’s communication system to a DMR Tier 3 network in 2019, a Push-To-Talk-over-Cellular (PTToC) solution was a fundamental part of the solution, so users that don’t carry radios could connect to the mission critical network.

Tait implemented a PTToC solution that’s fully interoperable with TfL’s DMR network (the largest LMR network in Europe) – one of the most complex PTToC integrations seen to date.

Tait TeamPTT Smartphone App
The solution enables staff to use the Tait TeamPTT Smartphone app to connect radio, cellular and WiFi networks so that radio and smartphone users on any of these networks can talk to each other.

It has a user-friendly interface that they are already familiar with. Communication requires a single button push, and the system connects radio and smartphone users to the call.

TfL used the PTToC integration in an award-winning COVID-19 response to provide ‘external’ buses with access to the TfL radio network. The Tait TeamPTT solution was quickly modified so the external bus drivers could use it to stay connected on TfL’s network. 80 buses were added to TfL’s PTToC service which provided a communications link to their control center and an emergency line to TfL’s Network Management Control Center.

Read about this story and the long partnership between Tait and TfL here

EA Networks: Extending Coverage and Smart Device Integration

Watch EA Networks Testimonial Video

EA Networks chose Tait Unified Vehicle to increase the connectivity of its workers while out in the field, both inside and outside of the vehicle.

It also limits the extra devices staff has to carry, and because they are often required to work up high in power poles, the less equipment they have to carry, the better.

Connect Smart Devices through Tait Unified Vehicle Remote App
Tait Unified Vehicle provided the extra connectivity by creating a mobile vehicle-area-network that enables radio and broadband connectivity, including LMR, cellular and WiFi. Staff connected to the Tait Unified Vehicle network can then connect their iOS or Android smartphones via Remote App to monitor and join conversations while away from the vehicle.

They can even make emergency calls over the radio network, all without the need for a portable radio.

One option was getting everyone out with a portable radio, and the other option was Tait Unified Vehicle and connecting the phone to the truck, and since everyone carries a phone these days… the less equipment the guys can carry on them, the better.

– Miles Connew, Operations Manager of EA Networks

Tait Unified Vehicle increases the connectivity options of EA Networks’ workforce, but it also enables the range of their Push-To-Talk radio communications to be extended to cellular coverage through the Tait PTToX service, which automatically switches to cellular when the mobile radio detects a LMR connection is unavailable.

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Convergence WebinarWebinar: Voice & Data Convergence

With converged voice and data solutions you can take advantage of both broadband and LMR narrowband technology.

Watch the video to learn how it can benefit your organization.


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