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August 9, 20213 min read

Stay Connected: Converged Vehicle Comms [Video]


Critical industries often operate over massive territories, with workers moving in and out of coverage zones between urban centers and remote locations within a single shift, making it difficult to stay connected. To support their operations, mines, electrical utilities, rail and long haul transport need communications solutions that keep their workers connected no matter where they are.

When operation areas exceed the coverage of any single communication bearer, it can be difficult to keep workers connected at all times. Juggling multiple communication devices for different coverage zones is a recipe for disaster. It introduces multiple potential points of failure, and denies consistent use of a familiar interface, crucial when responding to emergencies.

The range of devices used by the modern workforce need constant connectivity to receive and send critical information, and use applications while on the job. How do you provide that connectivity whilst keeping the amount of in-vehicle equipment to a minimum? With a converged solution like Tait Unified Vehicle that offers enhanced connectivity and roaming between multiple cellular and radio coverage areas, in a single device.

Freedom to Roam

Field staff don’t just stay in their vehicles, regardless of their role they need to be able to work in and around their vehicle, while staying safe and connected. This is even more crucial during high intensity emergency responses. A robust vehicle communications solution should act as a hub for radio and WiFi devices to stay connected to dispatch, regardless of the remote location they find themselves in.

Firefighters need to be able to rely on real time voice communications with Command Centers when deployed from the vehicle. Read how West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service keeps their crews both on and off the fireground connected by integrating multiple communications networks and devices through Tait Unified Vehicle.

For utility workers on repair or maintenance jobs in challenging conditions, their comms are their lifeline. When working up high in power poles outside of radio or cellular coverage, they need to know they will be heard when they need help.

Find out how New Zealand utility company EA Networks used Tait Unified Vehicle to increase the coverage and connectivity of its workers while out in the field, both inside and around the vehicle.

Outside of life threatening situations, the multi communications networks capability of Tait Unified Vehicle can be leveraged to increase everyday workforce efficiency. Tait Unified Vehicle allows New Zealand transport company Hilton Haulage to continue working on analog simplex channels using existing equipment in their yards, while taking advantage of multi-network connectivity in the wider area, protecting their existing investment in comms equipment, and keeping staff connected in more places.


Woodie Woodie mine uses GeoFencing to automatically switch radio channels when zones are crossed

Modern critical industries have a range of safety and efficiency processes they need to undertake while working in the field. The Tait GeoFencing feature enables a radio to automatically switch from one channel or network to another as users cross from one predefined zone to another, or can sound an alarm if dangerous areas are entered – read how Australian Woodie Woodie Mine uses these functions to improve worker safety.

The more these processes can be automated, the more human error is removed from the equation. Edge Computing capability in remote vehicles adds a degree of automated assurance to normal work processes, mitigating risk in hazardous environments.

Want to know how your industry can benefit from the multi-bearer connectivity and edge computing capabilities of Tait Unified Vehicle? Read how clients from around the world are using custom applications to enhance safety and efficiency in this blog about Edge Computing and Custom Apps.

A range of connectivity options, all in one familiar device

This is a long list of demands for a mobile communications solution, which many vendors would solve by installing several bulky devices in the vehicle, but a vehicle cab is already a crowded space.

Tait Unified Vehicle offers multi-bearer roaming, a hub for devices around the vehicle, and edge computing functionality for automated processes, all in the familiar form factor of the humble mobile radio.

Beyond Comms: Technology Trends

As new technology standards emerge at a rapid pace, do critical industries need to rethink the basic infrastructures they rely on?

Download our free white paper to learn what trends are emerging, and what do you need to know to be prepared.


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