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April 19, 20233 min read

TAIT AXIOM Mobile Range Grows, Introducing TMX550


TAIT AXIOM Mobiles expand your operational areas, enabling remote teams to roam between Radio and Cellular networks, using custom edge computing applications. The new TMX550 allows users to work smarter, everywhere.


Converged LMR/broadband mobile radios, known as TAIT AXIOM Mobiles have been enabling vehicle fleets to roam wherever their job takes them, relying on trusted push-to-talk functionality over the best available network, be it radio or cellular.

The TAIT AXIOM Mobile TMX450 is installed in vehicle fleets around the world, helping increase worker safety and productivity by enabling seamless movement between communications networks, and access to applications and workflows using an intelligent vehicle network, and edge computing platform, all in a familiar mobile radio form factor.

What sets the TMX450 apart from many other devices in its class, is the capability to run custom workflows, automating tasks to improve worker safety and productivity. With edge computing power, access to multiple networks and location data, many workflows that keep mobile teams operating efficiently can be run without human intervention. Organizations with mobile teams can automate manual routines using location data, programming the device to automatically trigger pre-configured actions, such as alerting the driver when entering a hazardous area, or opening a security gate.

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This edge computing capability enables many useful features – like recording every voice call, regardless of network or bearer, including off-network calls, to be used post-incident or for routine audits. WiFi and LTE connectivity allows broadband over-the-air-programming (OTAP) to deliver department wide device updates to the fleet.

Accessories and smartphone applications expand the capabilities of the Tait TMX450, such as the Remote Control App, that extends mobile controls to your connected smart device, and Multi-Bearer Antenna Kit, offering greater signal strength to cellular and WiFi networks.

We’re happy to announce the TAIT AXIOM Mobile range has grown to include more options, with the release of the new TMX550.

Introducing TMX550

If you’re familiar with TAIT AXIOM Mobiles, the new TMX550 offers more of what you know, with some useful new options. Both devices feature dual SIM slots, to connect to two cellular networks for greater coverage or redundancy. Both can provide a mobile WiFi hotspot for smart devices working in and around the vehicle, greatly increasing their range through powerful vehicle mounted antennas. Much like the TMX450, the TMX550 allows field staff to work smarter, everywhere they go.

The TMX550 is fundamentally an LTE mobile radio, with gateway access to DMR networks. Users can rely on national cellular carriers to stay connected to dispatch and teams – including users on radio networks, via optional DMR Network Gateway.

The TMX550 features a handheld control head, that can be easily installed anywhere in the vehicle, with an inbuilt 3W speaker. The control head cable can be easily extended to the required length, using the Power over Ethernet connection.

The TMX550 improves on the hardware connectivity capabilities of the TMX450, featuring a standard 12 pin connection and 9 pin serial RS232 port, for greater in-vehicle machine-to-machine connectivity options, for adding audio accessories and sensors. Future releases will also include options for a 10 pin connector, and 4 port RJ45 ethernet router, making the TMX550 an impressive hub for all of your in-vehicle technology.

Rear view, showing 12 pin, serial RS232 and internal GNSS receiver connections.

Greater machine interface connectivity expands the potential for automation in the TMX550. A future update is set to include the AppBuilder functionality found in the TMX450, enabling custom workflow automations. With access to more types of auxiliary devices and sensors, even more kinds of data can be processed at the edge, and more jobs can be automated, saving time and reducing risk.

The TMX550 represents a device designed for today’s broadband connected workforce, that can still connect to users on LMR networks when necessary, while taking advantage of the smart capability we expect from communication devices today.

At time of writing, the TMX550 is available to order in Australia and New Zealand, with more regions to be announced soon, pending compliances. Subscribe to receive future updates on TMX550 functionality as they’re announced.

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