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December 2, 2023< 1 min read

Tait Communications appoints PJ Jayawardene its Chief Technology Officer


4th December 2023, Christchurch New Zealand

PJ Jayawardene has joined critical communications company Tait Communications as its Chief Technology Officer.
Tait CEO and Managing Director Dr Yoram Benit said the US-based engineering technologist brings a strong record of spearheading advancements and fostering strategic relationships in both the operator and vendor community. 

PJ Jayawardene, a highly skilled technology executive, will make a significant contribution to the ongoing success and expansion of Tait. With his exceptional expertise in strategic planning, innovation, and technology leadership, he will bring immense value to the company. PJ has a remarkable ability to anticipate and seize opportunities presented by disruptive technology changes. His previous executive roles at Charter Communications, Altiostar Networks, and Ericsson in Australia and the USA serve as a testament to his exceptional track record.

“PJ is a valuable addition to our team,” Dr Benit says. “With Tait Communications’ recent growth in the core land mobile radio (LMR) sector, we look forward to leveraging PJ's expertise to drive our innovation and disruptive capabilities in the converged critical communications space.”


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