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Tait LifeX by Frequentis
March 26, 20242 min read

Tait Communications signs an exclusive partnership with Frequentis to bring the LifeX console technology to North America


28 March 2024, Houston, Texas

Tait and Frequentis have formed a strategic partnership to introduce the innovative LifeX console platform to North America. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for Tait to expand its end-to-end radio communication portfolio in the North American market by delivering and servicing innovative console solutions.

The Frequentis LifeX, used broadly throughout many countries, represents a disruptive approach by seamlessly integrating various mission critical communication technologies. The proven multimedia collaboration and communication platform brings the efficiency, effectiveness and capabilities of control room operations (PSAP) to a new level.


Under this exclusive agreement in North America, Tait Communications now has access to the LifeX console platform technology, designed to seamlessly integrate various radio systems, including Analog and P25, while also accommodating capabilities such as DMR, MCX, 911, and NG911 in the future. The agreement also ensures that Tait and selected channel partners will be trained and supported to bring LifeX to the North American market effectively.

LifeX is technology agnostic, simplifying communication processes by consolidating multiple systems onto one platform. Features, such as free seating and thin client, allow users to log in from any console in the network, enhancing collaboration and flexibility while maintaining security.

The LifeX “Unified P25 Gateway” is the first standalone console certified under the Project 25 (P25) Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) with Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI)  testing performed on the Tait P25 TN9400 node controller and listed on the P25 CAP Approved Equipment List

LifeX, contracted by 200 PSAPs with over 4,000 concurrent operating positions in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, was recognized by TCCA 2022 as winner of the category “Control room innovation” and represents a disruptive technology in the mission critical communication industry, challenging traditional console offerings. LifeX has been designed and built for an all-IP world, able to integrate radio technologies (legacy, current and future) and telephony (multimedia, 911 and NG911), joining Tait Communications’ interoperable, open and standards-based product suite.

“Frequentis and its unique LifeX console technology gives Tait the ability to offer more complete solutions for our customers, meet more of their requirements and minimize the technology complexity that they face. Together we will change the console market in North America,” says Kevin Sumrell, President Tait Americas.

This partnership marks Frequentis' first reseller agreement, signifying an important step in the company's transition towards a software-centric business model. By leveraging Tait expertise and market presence, Frequentis will enter the largest public safety console market in the world, providing North American customers with a fully IP software-based, centralized console solution.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Tait to launch our LifeX collaboration and communication platform in North America,” says Robert Nitsch, Frequentis VP of Public Safety. "This demonstrates our commitment to delivering mission critical communication solutions, enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and reliability to the global public safety market.”


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