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March 3, 20203 min read

Optimize your Communications with Accessories


Accessories can play just as important a role in effective communications as radios do. Using a high-quality radio is pointless if the microphone, speaker, battery or carry option is not suited to your role or environment. The correct accessories can complement and greatly enhance the usability and functionality of your radios to make communications much more effective, which can be vital in high-risk environments.

At Tait, we are passionate about quality products, and this guides the selection and development of the accessories we offer. We build and design our products to meet the exacting standards of critical communications, so you can be sure that your people have the right tools to do their job safely and efficiently in any situation.

Be it batteries, carry cases, mics, headsets or antennas for DMR, P25 or analog radio networks, Tait has the ideal accessory to optimize your critical communications experience. Check out the range in the Tait Options & Accessories Catalog.

Tait Options & Accessories Catalog

Download our Options & Accessories Catalog

Batteries and Chargers

While all Tait radios come with standard batteries and chargers, these might not be the right fit for your organization’s communication needs. Tait offers different capacity batteries so you can select the battery that provides the right balance of weight versus shift-life.

Sometimes having a bigger capacity battery is not enough, which is when the ability to charge spare batteries during operation provides reassurance and peace of mind – you never know when shifts will be extended due to unexpected events. Tait offers a unique in-vehicle charger, a tough and secure charging option built to survive even the roughest treatment, and can charge batteries connected to the radio and on their own. 

When you are out in the field and don’t have access to a vehicle, a Transportable Multi-charger can prove invaluable. This portable accessory enables you to charge the batteries of your radios out in the field, extends your operational area, increases flexibility and keeps your radios running – which is vital to emergency responders.

Carry Cases and Belt Clips

In stressful or challenging environments, secure radio attachment is not something users want to think about. Tait carry cases and belt clips are robust and provide secure attachment of your radio to your belt, with an easy release option for handheld operation. We understand that avoiding interference with day-to-day tasks is critical for active staff. 

Tait Carry Accessory

For optimal comfort and accessibility, choose a carry accessory that makes the radio easy to wear, easy to access, and protects your radio so it stays in good working order.

Mics, Speakers, Headsets, Antennas and Covert Accessories

In a very noisy environment, one option is to just turn up the volume on your radio – but this is not always practical, especially if the noise is intermittent or you’re moving between areas of differing noise. Tait offers noise-cancelling headsets that can help you hear better amid loud noises, noise-cancelling mics that reduce background noise in your call, and loud external speakers that cut through ambient noise.

Tait Mic Accessory

Some situations call for greater freedom of movement, in which case speaker mics are a great option, as they are light-weight and can be worn in a more accessible spot. When you need a smaller-sized covert option, a wireless Bluetooth™ accessory is ideal. If you expect calls of a sensitive nature, then an in-ear speaker should be used, and if you do not want people to know you are transmitting, a discreet finger-worn PTT should be considered.  

Whether your team operates in a particularly noisy environment or has a need for covert communications, Tait offers a range of audio accessories to make sure your critical comms get through loud and clear. 

Enhancing Critical Comms for Improved Safety and Efficiency

Choosing the perfect accessories to complement your radio equipment can enhance your audio quality in any environment, in both analog and digital modes. Optimizing audio performance with accessories means calls can be heard first-time during normal operations and emergencies, keeping channels clear for other users. 

All Tait accessories are specifically engineered and built for critical communications, and because Tait portable radios share a common accessory connector, you can be sure that audio accessories are compatible between models. With safety and efficiency as top priorities, accessories such as these are assets that can really improve your communications network.


Need some help finding accessories for your Tait radios? Use the Tait Accessory Selector to choose from a range of accessories for your Tait product that are appropriate for your role and environment.


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