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June 25, 20243 min read

Tait Communications’ New TP2210 is a Solid Investment for Business Communications


The TP2210 or ‘TP2’ DMR Tier 2 portable radio that was first released in the US market sees expansion with its release into the European and Asia Pacific markets.

Tait Communications, a leading provider of critical communications solutions for public safety, utilities and transportation industries, announced today the immediate availability of its TP2210 DMR Tier 2 portable radio for business and industry customers in Europe and Asia Pacific. This device is designed to keep business moving forward with simple, affordable communications.

Originally released in the USA, the Tait European team believe the TP2210 will play an important role in providing communications solutions for  businesses who need it.

Our new TP2 series is designed to provide price-sensitive businesses with small to medium business operations, solid investment options for digital radio technology. This means protecting their initial investment by ensuring radios purchased today for a small team are still fit-for-purpose should the business grow to a larger, multi-site system

—David Turner, Tait Communications EMEA Regional Managing Director

The TP2 combines the best of a radio user's needs: simple, affordable and reliable; the TP2 is an ideal  DMR Tier 2 digital communication device for hospitality teams, tourism, construction crews, school staff, local councils and more.

Warehouse operations teams would benefit from not having to travel between ends of the warehouse, communicate stock levels or request assistance from their colleagues, they can communicate all of this at the push of a button. Shopping center security can communicate easily during the normal weekday or expand their communications during a sale or unveiling of a new store. Construction crews are able to report deliveries of materials to the worksite, incidents, and tools down for the day.

The TP2 provides an access point for those who don’t necessarily need a complex critical communications network, but would greatly benefit from having entry level communications adopted into their organization.


Why Choose TP2?

Get Teams Talking Affordably - Utilize direct radio-to-radio communications without the additional cost of networking equipment such as repeaters.

Safety Services - Know the safety status of your employees with Emergency Calls or Man Down location services.

Clear Digital Audio - Hear and be heard in noisy environments like event spaces, construction sites and warehouses using clear digital audio.

Analog and Digital Operation - Communicate effortlessly in a mixed group of analog and digital radios, with the ability to automatically switch modes with no need for user intervention.

Long Shift Life - Work with confidence knowing that the TP2210 2000mAh battery power will keep communications flowing for up to 15 hours on a single charge.

Make Working Easier - With simple controls and user assistance features like voice annunciation and a programmable function button, the TP2210 works with you, rather than against you.

The Tait TP2210 is ready to grow alongside your business, as a DMR open standard device, you open the doors to multi vendor compatibility and freedom of choice when assembling your communications network which in turn is the best value for money, throughout the lifetime of your investment.

Learn more about the TP2210 on our website

The TP2 and TP3 are suited for small to medium sized organizations, however if these devices don’t meet the requirements of your communications infrastructure, delve deeper into the Tait DMR product range. For customers who require affordable DMR Tier 2 portables, but this time with display, GPS, or Bluetooth capability, please choose the TP3300 as an alternative. Perhaps you need something more?

The Tait Tough 9000 series includes mission-critical DMR solutions for Public Safety, Government, Utilities, Transport, and Mining with advanced features and mission-critical reliability for operation in harsh physical environments.

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Pictured: The Tait DMR Tier 2 Family.


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