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November 4, 20152 min read

Technology Partners and Customer Success: Logic Wireless


blog-img-logic-400x400-blueOur technology partners add important value to a Tait solution. Tait has a formal technology partner program with a number of endorsed and registered partners, and a framework to enable new partners to join and integrate with Tait. You can learn more about our technology partner program.

In this blog series, we’ll focus on some of our key technology partners and take a look and how these solutions come to life and deliver value for our clients.

Logic Wireless in the Partner Spotlight

In the Asia-Pacific region, a big part of the Tait DMR success story involves Logic Wireless. As a distributor for Tait products, Logic Wireless works closely with the network of Tait Authorised Resellers throughout Australia and New Zealand, providing a significant amount of expertise and support. As a technology partner, Logic Wireless provides Tait resellers and their customers with a range of complementary products, accessories and software options.


Crosswire is a leading application from the Logic Wireless team that leverages the calling and GPS location features that are built into Tait DMR equipment. Crosswire gives Tait DMR customers a powerful window into their radio system and people, providing a graphical interface for voice dispatch, messaging and GPS tracking, ensuring a safe and efficient workforce.

A wide range of Tait customers such as Brisbane AirportGippsland Water in Victoria, Lyttleton Port Company, and Victoria University in New Zealand have selected the Crosswire console.

Peter Skeels, Gippsland Water General Manager Operations says, “Updating our voice radio network to the Tait Tier 3 digital trunking radios with the Logic Wireless Crosswire software application has delivered added safety functionality, will assist in emergency response, and complements our customer service delivery systems”. The Gippsland Water solution was implemented by Tait Authorised Reseller CommSite.


Crosswire can also be used as a dynamic radio linking solution, and is powerful enough to act as the middleware to interact with other external applications. One of the mine sites in Western Australia utilising Crosswire with its Tait DMR solution is expanding its use to report truck weights using data messages.

Crosswire can scale from a basic entry-level package through to a full enterprise solution.

The web-based Crosswire GPS application not only tracks radio fleets but can track other cellular and satellite mobile devices as well, giving a complete picture of assets and workforce.

Logic Wireless has implemented many DMR systems with Tait resellers, such as Boddington Goldmine with Progility in Western Australia, Skycom Digifleet in Auckland, Gisborne-based utility Eastlands with Colvins, Earth to Ocean in Western Australia, the Silvercomm Clearcall network in Victoria and with Outback Communications for the Christchurch Marathon.

Logic Wireless also offers one of the first managed service SaaS Push-To-Talk solutions (Chatter PTT) for the ANZ market. ChatterPTT allows group communication across Smart Devices and Two Way Radio networks and will enable workforce’s on separate networks or technologies to connect instantly.

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