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March 7, 20184 min read

Tait DMR: A Smart Investment, Made to Evolve


Chances are you already know Tait as a trusted, proven supplier of DMR Tier 3 networks and solutions. In fact, we’re a market leader in Tier 3, having been the first to take Tier 3 solutions to market, and from there developing and expanding the capabilities of our DMR platform for both Tier 2 and Tier 3. As a result, the Tait DMR platform gives organizations – small and large – more flexibility, control and freedom of choice for their critical communications solutions.

Whether you’re looking for your first radio network, considering a move to digital, or simply looking to make a change, there are many reasons to choose Tait DMR.

Here are the top advantages that make Tait DMR a smart investment:

Data services beyond voice and DMR

Tait DMR users don’t just benefit from reliable voice communications – they can also take advantage of data services through the same network. With options to choose the mix of voice and data to deploy, organizations can pick their starting point and add to it over time. We are continuously improving and innovating our data services, which include solutions such as SCADA and telemetry, EnableFleet, EnableMonitor, and our Tait Unified Solutions. See how TasRail has employed Tait DMR exclusively for its mobile data services.

Industry-leading network performance

Tait networks and equipment are engineered for optimum performance, meaning that a Tait system can run with fewer sites with no reduction in reliability. Fewer sites mean less hardware, which means lower cost. But lower cost does not mean any compromise in quality – Tait DMR exceeds minimum industry requirements for site selection speed, for even faster roaming and site steer, as well as faster call entry for roaming terminals. This means important calls get through faster, making all the difference when seconds matter. See how Tait DMR is exceeding expectations in Carroll County.

Decades of experience and knowledge

Tait DMR is built on a foundation of 20 years’ experience designing and deploying MPT systems around the world. Great features from our MPT systems have been incorporated into our DMR products, improved and simplified over the years. The result is a better, stronger DMR offering that exceeds the standard, improving safety, efficiency, ease of use, and reducing costs. See how this worked for Gippsland Water.

Simple, secure configuration and management

Tait equipment and processes are so intuitive that it’s easy to build a Tait DMR system in a matter of hours, even with no prior knowledge or experience of Tait. Configuration management is made simple with secure, web based management tools – like Tait EnableFleet, which gives you total visibility and management of your entire radio fleet from a central point of control.

Flexibility, control and freedom of choice

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we’ve designed our systems and software to be multimode and open standard, resulting in adaptable and customizable solutions. Combined with our close network of technology partners, Tait offers a complete, end-to-end solution with flexibility and freedom of choice.

The Tait DMR family of hardware

True partnership – global, trusted, proven

Tait has a global network of channel partners that work hard with us to continuously improve our services, solutions, and equipment. Together, we strive to produce the best solution for each organization we serve, delivering the ideal outcome: Tait DMR – a smart investment, made to evolve.

Easy, future-proof evolution options

A Tait DMR network is an ideal investment because it is designed to evolve and grow with your organization. You can choose from a wide range of options to meet your requirements today, and easily add other features as your needs change in the future.

And when you’re ready to go digital, Tait DMR is all about making it easy. By offering a wide range of options to fit your specific situation, Tait DMR is all about meeting your needs, at your speed. The flexibility afforded by a Tait DMR solution makes it a cost-effective, future-proof investment that can be implemented in numerous ways to suit your needs and budget. Click here to find out more.

I am very happy with the new DMR technology and the ongoing support and evolution of the product by Tait. Tait have been very supportive and responsive to problems and have always assisted in finding solutions. The product is extremely robust and very reliable.”

-Grant Sleep, Operations Manager, CommSite Integrated Communications

Not quite sure if DMR is the right standard for you? Download our free whitepaper, Comparing Voice Coverage: DMR and TETRA, to learn about the differences between the two standards and how they affect coverage.

If you’re already a DMR user and want to know how you can get more from your network, download our Unified Critical Communications Guide to find out where the future of communications is headed, and how you can utilize DMR to achieve a unified critical comms system.

Find out more about Tait DMR here, or click here to read our DMR client stories and see how our customers are using DMR every day.


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