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February 2, 20232 min read

Roam Between Radio and Cellular Networks – Seamlessly


Mobile teams that traverse long distances, like Transport companies, often need communications tools that allow roaming between different networks. TAIT AXIOM Mobiles offer that capability, with the familiar user interface of a mobile radio.

Staying Connected is Vital

Relying on any single communications carrier is a risk. By combining access to both LMR and Cellular (or LTE) coverage, your chances of staying connected to your team is vastly greater than if you were to rely on one type alone. This can have several implications. Organizations with field workers who cover a lot of ground in countries with vast road networks benefit from LMR communications when making long journeys, where there is limited cellular coverage – but in busy towns or densely populated areas, cellular is available to offer high bandwidth comms.

TAIT AXIOM Mobiles allow mobile teams to roam between radio and cellular networks, maintaining familiar Push-to-Talk communications and stay connected.

The other implication is the productivity, and health & safety of your field staff. Combining LTE and Broadband opens up the opportunity to utilize automated workflows such as compulsory rest timers, roadworks alerts and incoming weather conditions for long-haul drivers. LTE and Broadband are no-doubt the future of critical communications infrastructure, but the coverage is not there yet for it to be relied upon for long distance coverage the same way LMR is. Building redundancy into your communications network is important in the event one carrier fails, so critical industries are able to continue operating.

Let’s take a look at an example.

Transport Company Expands Push-to-Talk-Over-LTE

New Zealand’s cellular coverage areas, indicated in red. Source Vodafone

Hilton Haulage is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of transport and storage services, based in the Canterbury region but servicing areas all across New Zealand. They have over 450 staff and more than 200 vehicles in their fleet, communication on the road is essential for organizing day-to-day business.

Hilton Haulage had a need for greater coverage in their service fleet’s communications. Their existing communications system was an open channel, wide area analog linked radio network. This system is without a doubt reliable and served the needs of Hilton Haulage; but with the coming expansion to their service area, improvements would need to be made to their fleet’s communications infrastructure. 

Hilton Haulage worked with local Tait dealer Ashley Communications to find a suitable solution for their communications challenges, in the end they landed on extending Hilton Haulage’s communications to include cellular coverage.

Read the Full Story of Hilton Haulage’s Communications Upgrade


TAIT AXIOM Mobiles are compact, connected, and customizable devices designed to create a unified vehicle area network of radio and broadband connectivity, coupled with a customizable on-board edge computing and application platform. It is an expertly engineered mobile radio, fit into a compact chassis.

Venture Far Beyond Radio Coverage

Work with confidence in and between areas with low or no radio network coverage, automatically switching communications to broadband networks.

Boost the Range of You Productivity

Work with confidence in and between areas with low or no radio network coverage, automatically switching communications to broadband networks.

Keep Working Past the Network Edge

Ensure work continues, even outside the range of any communications, by hosting and processing workforce applications and their data locally.

Learn more about TAIT AXIOM Mobile 

TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions Unlock the benefits of broadband radio communications with TAIT AXIOM Broadband Solutions.

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