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March 26, 20243 min read

Safer Communities with TP9900 Enhanced Interoperability


Tait is excited to announce the TP9900 Multiprotocol Multiband Portable, the lightest portable radio on the market with the ability to access P25, DMR and analog channels in multiple frequency bands. Designed to be rugged, compact and reliable, the TP9900 significantly improves community safety outcomes with enhanced interoperability between first responders, schools, utilities and other public sector organizations.

Safer Communities with P25 and DMR Operation


During emergencies and critical events, multiple organizations cooperate to coordinate effective response efforts. Communications are essential for the coordination efforts, but unfortunately first responders often face many challenges in interagency communication. Different organizations may operate on different frequency bands and radio standards based on their specific needs.

P25 is the dominant Public Safety communications technology in North America, Oceania and is also used in many other countries around the world. However DMR technology is widely used by the local government, utilities, schools and other organizations in these regions. More effective communication between these organizations would significantly improve safety outcomes for the community, but there is no inherent interoperability between the P25 and DMR standards.

By supporting both P25 and DMR standards, the TP9900 enables communication between police and fire agencies with other Public Sector organizations, including schools, utilities, local government, surf lifesaving, coastguard and transportation. With improved coordination between agencies, first responders are able to respond quickly, ultimately contributing to the safety of the community.

Tait Product Manager Bob Shepheard says “Our focus has been to keep the operation simple for users,  changing between P25 or DMR or VHF or UHF is as easy as changing channel – they don’t need to worry too much about which frequency or protocol the radio uses, and can just focus on which channels are the right ones for different groups of users or situations.”

Following product previews at selected events in 2023 there has been a buzz in online radio forums with interesting discussions about how Tait solutions compare to other products on the market.

We’re very excited to demonstrate the TP9900 Multiprotocol Multiband Portable at IWCE 2024, in Orlando Florida, ahead of the official product release in mid-2024.

Seamless Multiband Performance

Connect across all your bands from one dynamic portable. The TP9900 Multiband Portable is configurable to operate on any combination of VHF, UHF and 700/800MHz and 900MHz bands. Flexible and simple ordering and deployment of single, dual, and multiband operation at time of purchase. Bands are not locked and can be reconfigured at any time.

Rugged, Lightweight, Ergonomic Design

Experience the lightest P25 & DMR multiband portable radio on the market with high capacity battery and compact design. Bridge communications between agencies, or roam between network coverage areas, without the need for several bulky devices.

The TP9900 features an enhanced ergonomic radio grip and controls for easy operation with or without gloves. The distinct radio controls can be easily adjusted by officers without needing to look down, assisted by Voice Annunciation to confirm the channel settings.

Full Featured P25 and DMR Capabilities

Over-The-Air-Programming (OTAP) makes it easier to optimize and upgrade your fleet features without having to physically connect to each radio. OTAP is supported over P25 and DMR trunked networks, or WiFi can be used to program radios that operate in any mode – conventional or trunked, analog or digital.

The TP9900 shares the same features as TP9600 and TP9800 P25 portables, such as Over-The-Air-Rekeying (OTAR) for encryption management via conventional or trunked P25 networks. The TP9900 also shares the same features as TP9500 and TP9700 DMR portables – DMR Tier 2 conventional is a standard feature and DMR Tier 3 Trunking is optional. MPT1327 capability also comes as standard for connection to any older analog trunked systems.

All TP9000 series portables share the same audio accessories, batteries and chargers, making it easier to upgrade radios and retain existing accessories, or to operate a fleet with a mix of TP9000 models.

Why Choose TP9900 Multiprotocol Multiband Portables?

The TP9900 features the same Tait Tough build, connectivity options, enhanced work safety, and exceptional audio that our clients expect from the Tait 9000 series, with added P25 & DMR multiband capability in one portable. To learn more about Tait TP9900, follow Tait Communications LinkedIn or Facebook for more updates on this exciting product.

Want to know more?

Features and details on the Tait TP9900 Multiband Portables can be found on our website


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